Why is Axl Rose’s Net Worth so Much Higher than Slash’s?

Why Axl Rose's Net Worth is So Much Higher than Slash's?

To many it might come as a surprise that Axl Rose is worth much higher than his former iconic bandmate and legendary guitarist Slash. Axl Rose’s net worth is $150 million; whereas Slash’s is only $40 million. It would not be a matter of surprise if Axl was slightly higher above Slash, knowing Axl owns the GN’R brand. However, such a high income gap is certainly a thumping defeat for Slash and his fans. The duo reportedly stopped talking in 1996, and Slash left the band. 

Since the beginning of GN’R’s journey as a top rock band, Axl remained a figure known for his flakiness and drug abuse. So, it’s really shocking to know that he is worth $150 million! The reasons are not however that surprising. Axl gets 80% of royalty for every airplay of GNR hit tracks like Welcome To The Jungle, Sweet Child o Mine, Paradise City, Don’t Cry, and Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door. The first track is widely used commercially even today. So, Axl keeps getting rich. Besides, Axl has been touring a lot lately. Also, don’t forget the millions of copies of GN’R albums sold every year. Last but not least, the sale of GN’R merchandise across the continents ensures Axl’s income pipeline never dries up.


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