Top 10 Nude Beaches in the World

Top 10 Nude Beaches in the World

We all nurture that primitive appeal to go back to the way we once were. It involves putting on our birthday suit whenever we get a chance. Now imagine a scene where you are able to go the nude way on a sandy beach under the sun. All over the world there are some beaches that facilitate room for those who want to spend their holiday excursion beside the blue water without wearing a thread. Even thinking about those beaches gives me goose bumps! Let’s get to know a little bit more about those iconic beaches.

Praia do Pinho

Located in the country of Samba and soccer, Praia do Pinho is a hotspot for those who have a fascination for nudity. To enter the beach you must fulfill two conditions: you must have a company from the opposite sex and, obviously, you have to be nude!

Wreck Beach

The beach in Canada is famous for being the first beach to have made clothing an optional choice! The forested, beautiful, and uninhibited watery paradise is the largest in North America. The exact location of the beach is on the Western end of Vancouver.

Little Beach

This Hawaiian nude beach is unofficial in nature. Interestingly, nude sunbathing is illegal in the 50th US state. However, Little Beach in Maui is not under the jurisdiction of that draconian law! So, you can give it all to enjoy the glorious vista of Little Beach.

Hedonism II

Hedonism II in Jamaica is actually a resort for nudist minded people. The white sandy beach is spread over an area of 7-mile. The name itself indicates that it is just perfect for wild party animals that are deep into sexual pleasure, alcohol, and drugs.

Bellevue Beach

This nudist haven is just 15 minutes away from the Danish capital. During the summer, the beach becomes a thoroughfare of scantily clad human entities. To enjoy the joyous atmosphere to the fullest, you must go nude.

Haulover Beach

The sunny and comfortable weather, along with a safe environment, makes Haulover one of the places in the States where you can go nude without thinking twice. The clean and conspicuous beach attracts no less than 7,000 visitors per day.

Plage de Tahiti

Despite its name, the picturesque beach is located in France. The beach is known for commencing the era of nudist sunbathing in France back in the 60’s. In addition to the blue waters, the place is a great thoroughfare of nice delicacies and music.

Samurai Beach

In the rejoicing Samurai Beach, clothing is totally optional. The relaxed vibe across the Sydney shoreline gives the beach an iconic touch. Besides exciting nude beach games, this place is also an area of major attraction for being near the Tomaree National Park. By the way, it is located in Croatia.

Valalta Naturist Camp

The beautiful white beach is spread over an area of 4 km. It facilitates lodging options with modern amenities, making it a perfect place for vacation. Naturists will find this beach more attractive for scenic views, alcohol, and sailing.

Micro Amoudi Beach

A majestic sunset and crystal clear water make this beach a true heaven for naturists. If you are one of those who want to let it all hang out, then this is the place to visit. Another great thing about this nude beach is it is quite secluded.

Final Words

In many of these beaches it is considered rude to wear clothes; so be at your best and go with the flow!


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