Stoopid Farts: A Gift for her Husband

Stoopid Farts: A Gift for her Husband

A lady visits a gun shop to buy a hunting gun for husband’s upcoming birthday. She picks up a good one and asks the salesman how much that will cost. The man’s reply, “Lady, I am blind, but you can hand me over that gun and I can tell the price from its weight,” After weighing the gun he tells that it will cost $144. The lady, now quite surprised and inspired, takes another gun of high quality. The man once again declares that the gun costs $180. The lady is totally amazed.

She is about to pay for the gun and leave the store, but suddenly she feels that she has to fart hard. She thinks for a moment and lets it loose, believing it does no harm since the salesman can’t see. But to her surprise, the salesman speaks out and says, “Now that will cost you $200” The lady wonders what suddenly made him change his mind, and asks for an explanation. The man promptly replies, “It is $180 for the gun plus $20 for that unexpected duck call.”


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