Defining the Boundry of What is Socially Acceptable

Read this carefully, it could help you one day


If you need to read this article to figure out if your behavior is socialy acceptable than you probably have issues.  If you’re on our website in general there are chances that you have issues.  Nonetheless, below is our Perv Vs Non-Perv guide.  Try your best to be on the Non-Perv side.

PERVERTNoun – a person whose sexual behavior is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable

Jared Fogle (Former Subway Spokesperson)

Have you hear of this guy?  If you pay attention to the news than you know who is he. He got famous by losing a bunch of weight and claiming that Subway was the cause.  That part we support.  The part we don’t support is when he had sex with underage girls.  NOT COOL JARED


It’s okay to flirt with women but let’s set an age limit.  If she’s under 18 she’s completely off limits.  The other rule of thumb is if she’s half your age plus 7 then you’re good to go.  So…if you’re 36 years old and she’s 25 you’re okay.  If you’re 50 and she’s 32 that is also acceptable.  If you’re 100 and she’s 57 you should be in the hall of fame for still trying to pick up chicks at that age.

Tiger Woods was recently described as a sex addict but that isn’t considered pervy behavior.  Infedilty sure, but pervy.  He didn’t violate any laws and he remained respectful to the (MANY) women that he pursed.

Tiger Woods Sex Addict



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