How Westlife Star Shane Filan Lost It All

How Westlife Star Shane Filan Lost it All

From fortune to fall – this is describes the former Westlife singer Shane Filan in a phrase. The heartthrob decided to heavily invest in his native Sligo, Ireland. There, he began a buy-to-let venture in the hope of cashing in on the booming Irish real estate industry.

Shane became more rigorous in his approach after the department of Brian McFadden from the band. He began building houses for sale. This saddled him with an extraordinary debt of $23 million. This all happened when the Irish property bubble burst. The singer was slapped with repayments of $71000 per month. In 2011, one of the most popular boys’ bands in history, Westlife split. And the next year Shane filed for bankruptcy. This is how a once thriving star’s demise was pronounced.


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