What Sins do Pro Golfers Commit While on Tour?

And do they get away with them?


Golfers are just like the rest of us except they can hit a golf ball farther and straighter than us.  They have sexual urges just like the rest of us.  They sometimes need to hit the bottle as a way of decompressing just like we all do.

The work schedules can be a bit demanding.  They fly to their tournament destination often on a Monday.  They play a practice round and a pro/am on Tuesday and Wednesday.  On Thursday the official tournament starts.  If they play decently and make the cut they stay until Sunday.  In the event of a rain delay they could even stay until Monday.  And then it’s off to the next city for the next tournament.  With zero down time they hop from city to city with very little time for anything but golf

It’s only a sin if you get caught.

Many of us would do anything to trade places with a pro golfer but when you think about their grueling tour schedule it doesn’t seem all that great.  It’s no surprise that they indulge in the usual vices to keep themselves sane.  Pictured below is John Daily, 2 time PGA tour Major Champion (1991 & 1995).  He was once sponsored by Hooters but managed to get so drunk that he was kicked out of a Hooter’s restaurant

John Daly (Pro Golfer)

Standing 5’11” and weighing in at 250 lbs there’s a lot of John Daily to go around.

John Daly didn’t hide his love for women and drinking, he was always very open about both and even admitted to playing PGA rounds while drunk.


We solute John Daly for his open honesty.  His life is an open book for the whole world to read.  But what about the other guys?

For starters there’s this guy.  Everyone in the world remembers when the news broke about Tiger Woods being a sex addict

Tiger Woods Sex Addict

One club to the face and one smashed car later, Tiger found himself divorced and seeking help for his sex addiction.

Tiger admitted to having several affairs during his travels as a pro golfer.  Looks like Tiger wasn’t as meticulous about covering his tracks as he is about his golf game.

And then there’s this guy.  Dustin Johnson, married to daughter of Wayne Gretzky (Paulina Gretzky).

Dustin Johnson Likes Cocaine

He once drove a ball 405 yards.  He’s 6’4″, rich, married to a hot girl, has The Great One as a father-in-law, and decently handsome himself.  Like is perfect for Johnson…almost perfect.

In 2009 he tested positive for marijuana

In 2012 he tested positive for cocaine

In 2014 he again tested positive for cocaine


DJ, get yourself together!




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