Girls Will Be Girls!

Girls will be girls!

It is said that we can’t live with or without them. Their beauty are a true source of inspiration for any guys around. On the other hand, sometimes they are swayed by that very feature, and fails to put enough effort to intellectual advancement. However, not all girls are like that; there’e are also some who know how to be on top of their game. This post is, however, about the ones who are left out and, in the process, give us some respite from a hectic daily schedule. Let’s see who they are!

Type 1: She always has this blunt excuse to cover her up…


Type 2: The trophy.


Type 3: As if she is the victim!


Type 4: Her ordeal gets the highest order of importance, despite being menial.


Type 5: Don’t you dare!


Type 6: The one with a commitment issue.


Type 7: she makes fun of you instead.


type 8: The ultimate frick…


Type 9: This one is for boys(!) 


Type 10: She always follows her intuition.


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