Dozens Of Turkeys Escape Farm Right Before Christmas

Dozens Of Turkeys Escape Farm Right Before Christmas

In England, a large of number of turkeys from a poultry farm in Suffolk has escaped just before Christmas when they were supposed to be served on the table.

Some backpackers found them in the woodland while they were roaming free. According to the report, there were at least 50 of those birds.  

Passerby people were quite astonished to see such a large number of turkeys roaming freely. However, they understood that the turkeys were from a farm nearby as they were were expecting foods whenever they saw a person.

Anyhow, as soon as the pictures of those free turkeys were revealed on the social media, the pictures of them going scot-free became viral.

More interestingly, those turkeys went back to their habitat without any kind of coercion.


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