Crotch Ball

Like Money Ball....but change the word "Money" to "Crotch"


A hit in the nuts is not fun when it happens to you.  When it happens to someone else it’s priceless.  The joke that never ceases to get old.

Since the beginning of sports their have been injuries.  Serious injuries are no laughing matter and can seriously derail an athlete’s future….there’s nothing funny in that.  But a routine shot to the groin is generally painful without any serious long term affects.

Since we know the athlete will eventually get back up and most likely return to the game why not have a few chuckles at his expense.

If it’s a buddy of yours that’s agonizing in pain then lighten the mood by asking him if he wants to see “The Nutcracker” with you.

There’s a very easy way to avoid getting hit in the nuts….WEAR A CUP!!

I hope this guy is wearing a cup



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