Crazy Things We Do When Drunk

Crazy Things We Do When We Are Drunk

Some us consider that alcohol is the best thing that ever happened to us. Though there are still some who deal with alcohol in a more responsible way, most simpletons can’t help drowning in the sea of booze. The problem is, instead of enjoying themselves (or passing out) they often try to involve others. And this is when their stupidity gets out of limit. However, isn’t it the right time to do the stupidest stuffs you have ever imagined?

Here goes a list of things that you have done or seen others doing after having too many shots!

All of a sudden you have a deep feeling for your friends, and you express it through constant kissing and hugging.

You try to get into number of fights proportional to the number of drinks you have had. The reason is: each drink empowers you!


One way or another, you always call your ex with a flow of mood swings, starting from sudden jubilation to anger.


All of a sudden you make comments on almost everything, because you feel like a Philosopher King!

You engage complete strangers into intellectual conversation in the restroom and end up befriending them.


Once you start drinking with your buddies, money doesn’t seem like a problem at all. You just keep the drinks coming.


You try to put salt and pepper shakers and ashtrays in your bag because the waiter is a total jerk (!)
Crazy Things We Do When We Are Drunk
You begin picturing all of your life in front of your friends in gibberish. They however laugh anyway.

After doing only half the things on your drunk to-do-list, you pass out.
Crazy Things We Do When We Are Drunk
You openly browse through the social media accounts of your crush, and spend the night thinking about the other girl or boy with them in pictures.
Crazy Things We Do When We Are Drunk
Your slurs transform into text; no one understands what you have written.


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